About us

Anna Yamada
(vo, octatrack, etc)
Instagram: @annayamada
Twitter: @annaymd

Mai Nakamura
(electric effect trumpet, digitakt, etc)
Instagram: @mainakamuranica
Twitter: @kintamai_

We are electric, in a fairy tale, spontaneous! cute, funny, toytronica, chill-out, lunatic? psychedelic, jam? live band.

Consists of Anna Yamada and Mai Nakamura in 2003.

Since then, their music has never been a mere “electronica” sounds. On live stage their musical instruments are not limited to voice or trumpet.
Every kind of “sound makers,” such as speaking stuffed animals, toy organs and kids’ gear creates their uniquely cute and innocent sounds.

What makes their music outstandingly original is their decisive will to make the audience see and hear what they pass by in daily lives. In other words their music is attempt to ambitiously stimulate the memory of listeners.

Thus Comainu sounds touches something you have forgot long time before.

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